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our tips for painting

1.  Buy the best brush possible.

A brush is like a sharp knife, a precision tool.  With a good brush you will find yourself a much better painter in no time. (Clean it well with soap and water - brushes are expensive but they last a long time if you take care of them). In the summer heat wash your brush more often so no buildup of dry paint can form. You can skip washing your brush for another paint session by wrapping it tight with plastic to seal out any air.  

2. Use tape

Blue tape is particularly useful. Even if you pride yourself in “cutting in” very well, after three coats of paint you will have three lines. If you use tape you will have only one line (trust my experience). Blue tape can usually stay on a wall safely for a week or so and is fast to apply.  

3. Paint to music

Painting is about rhythm - listening to music aids your brush strokes and makes time fly. Experiment with different types of music for different types of brush strokes.

4. Use the right lighting 

Color reflects light, so make sure to paint with the actual light of the room (natural, incandescent, fluorescent).

5. Be clean

Painting does not have to be messy. Take your time  preparing  your work - cover the floor and  furniture, tape where you need to, use trays, buckets, rags, rollers and brushes. Your work will be more efficient and enjoyable if you spend more time preparing and less time cleaning.

6. Enjoy

Painting is about changing your surroundings and can be very rewarding. In one day you can finish a room that you will enjoy for years to come. Use the right tools, the right product and take your time. Many people claim painting is not enjoyable - but after looking at them work I’ve realized  their approach is all wrong - painting is work but if done well it is rewarding.