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Chalkboard / Floor & Door

Hudson Paint 100% acrylic color chalkboard is a beautiful, washable finish for creating erasable color panels. Low odor and easy to apply. Keep in mind that the smoother the surface, the easier it will be to clean.

IMPORTANT advices for best results:

COVERAGE: Our paint is sold in 8oz clear jars. These are great for a small size projects or use in painting murals. 8oz covers about 6 sq ft with two coats. Quart size, covers about 90 to 100 square feet. A single quart will cover the door of a fridge, several times, but it will take two quarts for two coats on an 8 by 10 wall. Gallons will cover about 400 sq ft.

MATERIAL SELECTION: A hard smooth surface is best and for interior panels. We like MDF, Masonite and Thin metal best. Wallboard and plaster are fine but make sure they are not too bumpy. For exterior our paint as been used on wood, metal and very smooth stucco. For exterior use make sure to seal wood as much as possible before applying Chalkboard. Chalkboard paint can bring new life to old chalkboards made of real slate or aging paint.

PRIMER: Our paint is self priming on most surfaces like painted wallboard, smooth wood, plaster, masonite or MDF( medium density fiberboard). You will need a primer on bare metals, glass and glossy paints. When painting over an old glossy surface, make sure to degloss the surface by using sand paper and even a coat of primer if you suspect an oil finish

GLASS: For glass we have been using shellac with success (or white shellac primer). Shellac bonds very well to glass but does not love constant water contact, so protect it with our chalkboard paint and do not wash in your dishwasher.

TOOLS: Chalk loves to hide in rough surfaces, so to achieve a easily cleaned surface you'll want the smoothest possible finish. Our paint can be easily applied with a roller, a quality brush, a painting pad. For large surfaces airless spraying provides a nice finish. Make sure that you use a thin nap if using a roller ( 1/4 inch nap is great or foam rollers). Avoid orange peel texture.

DRYING TIME: Let the paint dry about 2 to 3 hours before re-coating. Allow longer time if humid or damp. Two to three coats delivers the best results. The red colors often need three coats starting from a clean white background. Let the final coat dry for a full 48 hours before using as a chalkboard.

ERASING: Chalkboard surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth, we do not like erasers as they spread chalk dust.

CHALKS: Not all chalk sticks are the same- some are very hard, some chalks contain waxes or oils which make them difficult to erase. Try different brands to find the best results. We recommend sticking to lighter color chalk when possible. Chalks of deep colors contain high amounts of pigments, wax, sometimes actually no chalk (making them truly pastels) and will leave streaks or shadows when erased, especially on the lighter color chalkboard colors. All our colors are designed to work best with white chalk.

We think that using a damp cotton rag is the best way to avoid dust and to keep a clean color.

REPAINTING: If repainting of the chalkboard surface is needed just apply the same care as you would with an acrylic paint. If the surface is clean you will not need a primer, but sometimes primer are easier for deep color changes.

Enjoy your chalkboard, and create ephemeral master pieces (look up CY TWOMBLY's work)

NOTE: Chalkboard surfaces are not meant to be perfectly clean surfaces. The surface will always carry a certain amount of the chalk residue and give this beautiful patina typical of chalkboards surfaces.

MAGNETIC PRIMER: Magnetic paints are paints with metal flakes in them, and so far we have not been satisfied with their finish and efficiency. These paints in our experience need at least three coats and leave a very rough grainy surface not unlike sand paper and their strength is marginal. You can still use them but you will have an inferior chalkboard surfaces. For a magnetic chalkboard we recommend priming and painting a metal sheet. Framed or hung on a wall as-is can be extremely functional, durable and super cool looking.

UNUSUAL USES: Appart from furniture and tables, our paint as been use on a few cars and a few unusual applications. The paint was not created initially for any of these applications but holds pretty well. Your imagination is the limit. Please email us photos of what you have done with your Chalkboard paint.

HELP US HELP YOU: Here at Hudson Paint we like our products, but the best experts are the ones that listen, so do not hesitate to give suggestions.