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"When I left for college, my sister gave me a can of Hudson Paint Color Chalkboard.  I didn't know what to do with it but my roommate decided to paint our walls with it.  It's great!  Our friends are all jealous.  Last week we wrote a poem by Henri David Thoreau on it and it's still there now!  

Til next time-from college, over and out."

Bill Campton, college student


"We have been using a painted black chalkboard from the start of our restaurant three years ago.  Now after finding Hudson Paint Color Chalkboard line, we have been changing (at a very low cost) our chalkboard design regularly - bakery green in the spring and summer and mercantile red in the fall and winter.  It's a great way to keep people interested in our menus and change the look of our restaurant at a very reasonable price.  

Thanks for your innovative product...we are big fans!"

Francesco Buitoni, restaurant owner and chef

"My daughter has always wanted a big chalkboard in her room but I could never bring myself to paint so much black in her girly room.  A friend of mine recommended Hudson Paint Color Chalkboard and we chose a bright pink, called Genius Pink Genius.  It is so much fun to watch my little budding artist use her creativity.  Now I would like to paint our mud room next....probably in orange. Thanks for so much creativity in a can!"

Raina Kattelson, New York


"When I told the kids they could write on their walls, they thought I was nuts!  Now, thanks to Hudson Paint Color Chalkboard, the easy wiping keeps their rooms clean and ready for more creativity."

Ted Copper, New York City