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our story

The idea of developing a color chalkboard paint has been three years in the making, starting with the design of a school in NYC. In the school every room and it's chalkboard were going to be painted a different color, with a big orange chalkboard in the entrance. To my surprise, we could not find any chalkboard paint color than black or green. 

So I started mixing paint, it is my passion and forte. After developing enough of a color palette, I started selling the paint at local craft fairs. Reaction to the paint and colors was great, and soon the demand for it reached the limit of my studio mixing capabilities. From that point on we started looking for a local manufacturer to produce a high quality paint that met our standards.

We found a great factory in the hudson valley and after a lot of work, HUDSON PAINT was born. Chalkboard paint for my family and I has become a total obsession, and with the amazing help of some of my friends, who made this website and the cool label, we are dedicated to offering a safe, fun, creative product.

Paint, especially color, are my passion and life's work and we hope to be offering a full line of paint based on our colors, soon. I hope you have a great time filling your life with our colors!