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what we know about color 

In designing Hudson Paint’s color palette, decorative painter Arno Cornillion relied on his experience hand mixing several thousand gallons of paint over the past twenty years. “As a decorative painter and a color consultant I have worked with designers,  decorators,  architects  and private clients who have taught me three important things: color is the most important choice in home decorating; color choice is entirely emotional;  and light dictates our perception of color.”

“Color is by far the most influential factor in design and - if done yourself - the most affordable,” Arno explains.   “Imagine the perfect sofa in the wrong color and you have an eye sore. The richest fabric in wrong hue becomes terrible . The most expensive room remodel with the wrong color feels like a waste of money and the simplest flea market purchase repainted becomes a prized antique.

“Adjectives like warm, soft, classic, whimsical, light, or bold have defined my work with most designers and clients. Looking for the perfect color 

involves identifying the very personal feeling, emotion or overall vibe of the room desired and visualizing it with a palette . Color, music, and cooking share the same fulfillment of our senses and could probably be expressed with the same vocabulary .

“I have been lucky to live and paint for a number of years in southern France where I was born and began my family. My two sons were born in Nice.. Then my wife and I lived in California where our first daughter was  born - and our first house came to life. Then we migrated to the Hudson Valley seven years ago where we bought our second house and our second daughter was born. Each place, greatly influence my color perception and the color palette of Hudson Paint. 

“From a fishing boat on a beach in Maine, to a street corner in Italy , colors define our sense of  belonging. The same color might be perceived differently or elicit different emotions in the Northeast than the Caribbean. Each color palette blends tradition, light and climate - bringing a new experience and a new richness to my work. The only experience that I sometime wish would have stayed in black and white are the movies Maybe because life is so colorful that movies had a greater sense of mystery and disbelief when they were black and white.”