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our palette

In creating Hudson Paint’s color palette, Arno relied on his own taste and experience  “color is not about quantity but about light and emotions.”  he reduce a vast, almost unlimited choice of colors to a select few. It took months of careful decision making to create a palette that reflects his experience in decorative painting.  

“ I tried to mix many real life  samples - fabrics  and iconic colors with objects. A box from Tiffany’s , a pack of Gauloise, a kilim rug ,   fabrics, pictures from magazines and my sample books where,  over the years,   I accumulated so much experience from my clients and designers.”

Computers can present endless array of colors,  seemingly limitless variations. But when it come to choosing one the choice seems even more difficult and confusing because of the sheer variety. “I have been to numerous  jobs where the walls were covered with samples and the client clouded by confusion before I even arrived,” explains Arno. “I, personally, think that within the limited palette that i have selected every single color is beautiful and appropriate somewhere.  As a design principal, a house or an apartment should always be considered in its entirety when choosing color. Every color choice of every room should related to one another, like a beautiful fabric . Colors do not have to match or follow any rules they just have to be great next to one another.  I recommend using a piece of fabric as the color relation is visible and often surprising.  You’ll find combinations like blue and brown, pink and orange , gold and brown, or white on white.”